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Tutorial updated, 12 December 2016 (Video Tutorial Added)

"Please Read This Tutorial Carefully, Don't Miss a Step!!!"

First of all, I very recommended for you to make a restore point first. This would be very useful if you make a mistake in doing patch.

How to Make a Restore Point?


Open Control Panel, go to System and Security – System
On the left side option, Click System Protection

When the system properties appear, please select the Local Disk (c) (System). Then Click Create button.

After that, give a name to the restore point and click Create.

Note: You will not use a restore point if you don’t make a mistake.

If you have been made the restore point, then we come to the real tutorial.


How to Use 3rd Party Theme on Windows 7

Please follow this instructions carefully, don’t miss a step.
In this tutorial, you guys will be taught how to patch the files required to run the 3rd party themes.

Download this File First : Mediafire

1. Universal Theme Patcher
This tool is used to patch 3 dll files that are associated with the theme. That is themeservice.dll, themeui.dll and uxtheme.dll.
There are 2 version of this tool, Universal Theme Patcher x64 and Universal Theme Patcher x86.

Note: If your system using 64-bit then you have to use UTP x64 and if your system using 32-bit then you have to use UTP x86. Do not be wrong!!!

How to use?
Open the Universal Theme Patcher with “Run as Administrator”
Choose language
You will get message “This OS need to patch 3file(s)” – Click Yes

On the themeservice.dll tab, themeui.dll tab and uxtheme.dll tab, you have to click Patch Button One by One.

Note: when you click Patch on one of tab there, please don’t click patch from another tab until you got message. “Patch Succes”

If you have patched all the files, please restart your computer.
Then you can use a theme from 3rd party theme freely.


Download this File First : Mediafire

Before you patch with Windows Theme Installer, let’s do the Take Ownership these files, exploreframe.dll and shell32.dll

Open take ownership folder
Double click the InstallTakeOwnership.reg - Continue or Yes
• Go to Local Disk(c)(system)-windows-System32
• Find ExploreFrame.dll - right click - choose take ownership
• Find Shell32.dll - right click - choose take ownership
• Finish

2. Windows Theme Installer
This tool is used to patch 2 files, exploreframe.dll and shell32.dll. What for? The 2 files must be patched first, so that you can display the background folder on windows explorer and background on personalize desktop.

Little different with Universal Theme Patcher, for Windows Theme Installer, I prepare the patched file. There are also have 2 version, exploreframe.dll for 32-bit and 64-bit and shell32.dll for 32-bit and 64-bit.

Note: System 32-bit please use 86 and System 64-bit please use 64. Don’t be Wrong!!!

How to patch?

Open the Windows Theme Installer with “Run as Administrator

Click checkbox on the ExploreFrame.dll and Shell32.dll
Click Browse and open the needed file

Note: System 32-bit please use 86 and System 64-bit please use 64. Don’t be Wrong!!!

Do the same for shell32.dll

Note: System 32-bit please use x86 and System 64-bit please use x64. Don’t be Wrong!!!

If you have done the instructions above,  click Install Theme (Not Apply Theme)

Finish, Restart Your PC/Computer

If you've done all of the instructions above, then you are ready to use the theme.

UPDATE [ Video Tutorial ]
1. Tutorial Universal Theme Patcher

2. Tutorial WIndows Theme Installer