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Yo whats up guys, although late from the schedule that I expected. But I've had promise to share this theme. This week I had to go with my family for a quality theme. So, this is the best time that I could choose.
Actually, long ago I wanted to make a version 2 of Haikyuu theme when it was season 2. But I can not do it, and now I make it up. I made this theme with bungou stray dogs's msstyles, because the basic color for this theme is same.

Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara

Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara

Yo, what's up guys. ☺
90 days after my last update, and today, I come back again and will decorate your windows with my anime themes again. Hahaha
So guys, today I would like to share a new anime theme from anime fall. That is Bungou Stray Dogs. I don't know exactly what anime is about, because I do not watch it (you don't say :v). But I saw it on anime trending page on facebook, that, this anime is in the top ten of anime fall (still ongoing of course). So, I was interested to make the theme of it. And I hope you guys will love it too.

Theme Windows 7 Bungou Stray Dogs By Bashkara

Theme Windows 7 Bungou Stray Dogs By Bashkara

Hi guys, how are you today? I hope you guys always fine. Today, I would like to share new windows 7 theme again. This time, I still choose an anime from last season, that is Boku no Hero Academia. Actually, I have finished this anime theme for windows 8.1 too. But I think I will start it from windows 7 first.

Boku no Hero Academia

Unfortunately, I can't put all of the characters on the start menu, so I choose the best for it. Then, the special from this theme is I have made the start menu with 2 version. Well, it's been a long time I never make a theme like this again. The 2nd start menu only appears when you hover your mouse to a program that has the history such as this image below.

Theme Anime Windows 7 Boku no Hero Academia By Bashkara

Hello everybody, long time no see \(*o*)/
Haha, I don’t know where to start. Today I come back to my blog with new windows 7 theme. As my promise on fan page post yesterday, now I would like to share this new theme for you. That is Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, anime from last season and still ongoing. Why Re:Zero? Because my facebook homepage filled with posts about this anime, I think this theme is appropriate to come back.

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu By Bashkara

Difficult in the beginning, but I can handle it. I still use the same style like before. The problem is just in the picture. Luckily, I got some beautiful pictures to make it.

Theme Windows 7 Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu By Bashkara

Hello friends... back from hiatus for 2 months. hohoho
Okay, the first I want to say thank you to all of you who have been willing to join this blog, either by following blog or like on our fb fanpage. Also for all of you who have been following my google+ account, I say thank you very much.

Today, I want to share a new theme from charlotte anime. Why charlotte? Because this is one list that exist in my project. I have an obgligation to get it done however.

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

I'm not going to explaining about this theme so much. Because honestly, when making this theme I really frustrating. It's really hard to find a good picture and suitable to be made on the theme. But I don't want to give up. I keep looking and finally I found what I think is good enough to use.

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロットBy Bashkara