How to install 3rd party theme on windows 10

Update 1 November 2015

In this page I want to share to you guys, how to install 3rd party theme for windows 10.
Before you follow the tutorial. Please make sure that you have been made a restore point. How to do it?

Let’s do it.
1. Righ click on My Computer-Properties or (control panel-system and security-system)
2. Choose “System Protection”
3. In the Protection Settings, Choose your system Disk Ex : Local Disc (C:) (System)
4. After that click “Create” button in the part of Create a restore point…
5. Named it with “Before Patch” or you have another name for it. Up to you, but make sure that you will remember the name.
6. Finish, your restore point successful created.

Okay, let’s do the next step.
Download the required tools first: Solidfiles | Credit:

1. UxStyle for windows 10
2. OldNewExplorer
3. Astyles 8.1 Theme Patcher
4. StartisBack

Are you ready? Please follow the tutorial correctly and carefully. Don’t miss a step okay.
1. Install uxStyle for windows 10
2. Install OldNewExplorer, but please set the OldNewExplorer Configuration like the image below.

How to install 3rd party theme on windows 10
3. Install Astyles 8.1 Theme Patcher to remove the status bar and show the background folder. Please make sure, you only select file like the image below.
How to install 3rd party theme on windows 10
4. Install StartisBack for windows 10 to get back the start menu.
5. Finish, restart your PC before using a theme. ^^

Tutorial Video by Ricky Handoko

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