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How to install 3rd party theme on windows 10

Update, 28 February 2017

Windows 10 Version 1607

This tutorial specifically for users of Windows 10 version 1607. I'm currently using Windows 10 Version 1607, so I also will create a theme for that Windows version.
For your information, Visual Style on any version of Windows 10 almost always different, and I can not install all of them on my computer.
So If you want to use a windows 10 theme from my website, I recommend you to use the same version as me.
If I have information about the other versions, I will share it here.
The whole of my previous Windows 10 theme will not work on Windows 10 version 1607. Dont Use it.
I will release a new theme for this windows version soon

Download Win 10 Tools (1607)

Download Tools

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

1. Create a Restore Point

Before you make any changes to your computer that could potentially cause problems or make the system unstable, please create a restore point.


Click at Start Menu, type 'System Protection' or 'Create a Restore Point'. It will call system protection properties.

Then, In the 'Protection settings', choose drive system and make sure that the protection tab is 'On'

After that, click create button > Give a Name > Wait until success message appears.


2. Install UxStyle

Right Click at UxStyle.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'

When the app appears, click Install.


3. Install OldNewExplorer

This tool will install the necessary system files to tweak windows explorer.
From there, you can check and uncheck the features you want.


Right click at OldNewExplorerCfg.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'

When the app appears, click Install at Shell Extension.

Then at the Appearance group box, check the features you want.

My Reccomendation is

- Use command bar instead of Ribbon
- Hide Caption text in File Explorer Windows
- Hide Up (go to parrent folder) button
- Show details pane on the bottom

Click Close button, Finish.

4. Install StartIsBack++ for Windows 10

Right Click at StartIsBackPlu-Plus.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'

After extracting, choose Install for me or Install for everyone.


Note: You should activation the startisback to use it after 30 days.
          You can buy the license from the official site of startisback.

5. Install UxThemeMultiPatcher

Right click at UxThemeMultiPatcher.exe and choose Run as Administrator
Click Next
Accept the license agreement
Click Install

Restart Your Computer

If you get a problem, please leave a comment below. I will respond as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Bashkara Ardy Pratama


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