This page is used to share the tutorial that related with the theme.

1. How to change HDD/Drive icon
    Software : iconChange
    .Net Framework : 3.5 +
    Tested on windows 7 home premium and windows 8.1 pro
   I got this software from Chinese forum 151.hk/moe/pc. But that site is not available now, I don't know why. So here, I would like to share this software and the tutorial on my site.

Download the file first here : MediaFire

How to change HDD/Drive icon

1. Choose the driver that you want to change.
2. Browse the icon.
3. Apply
*no need to restart, the icon will be changed. But if you want it, just do it.
4. Used to restore the icon to default. How? Choose the driver and click, then your drive icon back to default.

NOTE : If you want to use the icon from the theme, you can find it at this address.
Local Disk(c)/Sistem - windows - Resources - Themes - Find the folder theme (example : kiznaiver by bazzh) - icon - then you find it.

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