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AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) by Bashkara

Happy weekend... I hope you will not be bored because today I would like to share an AIMP4 skin again. I promise, I will make an anime theme again soon, but for now let’s focus on AIMP4 skin first.
This skin is my second skin with AIO (All in One) Concept. Previously I had made skin AIO, if not wrong at that time the character was Nico-Love Live for AIMP3. And now, I choose anime movie that just aired a few days ago in Japan, that is Kimi no Na Wa. This anime movie is the latest work from Makoto Shinkai.

AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。)
I made this skin from Blank Project. Step by step, I designed and made the buttons for this skin, it is very tiring but I am happy. Fortunately, I didn’t get a lot of constraints. I just mess around on the font selection. I feel this skin will match with handwriting font style, but in fact not that easy. I have to choose the right font to make this skin look good.