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Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara

Yo whats up guys, although late from the schedule that I expected. But I've had promise to share this theme. This week I had to go with my family for a quality theme. So, this is the best time that I could choose.
Actually, long ago I wanted to make a version 2 of Haikyuu theme when it was season 2. But I can not do it, and now I make it up. I made this theme with bungou stray dogs's msstyles, because the basic color for this theme is same.

Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara

Not a lot of images I can use on this theme, but I've chosen the best pictures. So guys, if you like this theme, don't hesitate to download and share it with your friends. ☺

Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By BashkaraTheme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara
Theme Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara

Information of the theme:
Name: Theme Anime Windows 7 Haikyuu By Bashkara
Anime: Haikyuu!!
Exe/Rar/Zip: 15.27 MB
Main Color: Black and Gray
Background Folder: 2 pictures
Control Panel Background: Yes
Password: Suck-Style
Tested on Windows 7 Home Premium

Please be a good downloader. At least leave your comment or add 1 to G+ on the post footer. You also can share this theme with your friends by clicking the share button below. I really appreciate your feedback.

Note: This theme is intended for advanced users only. So, if this the first time for you, please read and follow the instruction on the Win 7 Guide. Do not waste your time to fix a problem that can be prevented.

Download Link : Mediafire

Note: If you choose Mediafire, make sure the connection is in good condition. If not, you can get a corrupt file.

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