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AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) by Bashkara

Happy weekend... I hope you will not be bored because today I would like to share an AIMP4 skin again. I promise, I will make an anime theme again soon, but for now let’s focus on AIMP4 skin first.
This skin is my second skin with AIO (All in One) Concept. Previously I had made skin AIO, if not wrong at that time the character was Nico-Love Live for AIMP3. And now, I choose anime movie that just aired a few days ago in Japan, that is Kimi no Na Wa. This anime movie is the latest work from Makoto Shinkai.

AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。)
I made this skin from Blank Project. Step by step, I designed and made the buttons for this skin, it is very tiring but I am happy. Fortunately, I didn’t get a lot of constraints. I just mess around on the font selection. I feel this skin will match with handwriting font style, but in fact not that easy. I have to choose the right font to make this skin look good.

In this skin, I made the spectrum as if look like snowfall. I put it on the main form, playlist, tray control and QFI. You have to download and use it to know more about this skin. No force of course… : p

Well, here the other screenshot of this skin.

AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) - Playlist

AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) - Audio Library
Audio Library

AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) - Tray Control
Tray Control
AIMP Skin Kimi no Na Wa. (君の名は。) - QFI

If you have ever used AIO skin probably will not feel new with this skin. A few sites that I know who makes and share aimp4 skin with this concept include, SMIOTAKU(not active), ZH Skin, Akari Skin and SkinPoi(Facebook fans page). You can find aimp4 skin like this on their website.

Don't hesitate to give your comment about this skin, I would greatly appreciate criticism and suggestions that you provide. And if there is a bug, do not forget to leave a comment below.

Skin Description
Name: AIMP4 Skin Kimi no Na Wa.(君の名は。)
Anime: Kimi no Na Wa.(君の名は。)
Zip Size: 2.31 MB
AIMP Version: v4.10
Tested on: AIMP v4.10, Build 1827
Please be a good downloader guys 。^‿^。
At least give recommendation this post on google with add 1 to G+1 under the post or leave your comment about the skin. Thank you very much :)
Download Skin via Dropbox
Note: Skin only work on AIMP4, so install AIMP4 first to use this skin.
This skin may contain image of the following sites:
google, kiminona-jp
Special thanks to the Artist 

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