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Jul 15, 2016

My second theme after comeback. Actually, I made this theme last month, but I have no had time to release it at the time. So, after release the theme windows 7 of Re:Zero, I want to post it today. Thought to change the style, but I think this is the best. I'll stick with my style. However, I was the one who designed it.

I very rarely give 3 images for background folder on windows 8.1 theme. But this time, I did it. I have selected the best images for the theme. Just information, I can not put an arbitrary image on the theme. However, I have to adjust it with the display of windows explorer. So, I'm sorry if it does not correspond to your expectations. I hope you like it. :)




StartIsBack Configuration


Theme Description
Name: Theme Windows 8.1 Kiznaiver
Anime: Kiznaiver
Product Version: 1.0
Copyright: Copyright 2013-2016 Suck-Style
Exe/rar/zip size: 6.9 MB
Password: Suck-Style
Tested on: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
*also work on Windows 10
Please be a good downloader guys ^^
At least give recommendation this post on google with add 1 to G+1 under the post or leave your comment about the theme. Thank you very much :)
Download Theme Windows 8.1 Kiznaiver By Bashkara
MediaFire | Usercloud
The theme will not be attached perfectly if you have not patch some files needed to run the theme
So if this the first time for you, Please read and follow the tutorial correctly and carefully 
Tutorial Patch Win 8.1 and Tutorial Patch Win 10
Tutorial How to Change HDD/Drive Icon
This theme may contain images of the following site :
e-shuushuu, zerochan, google, kiznaiverjp, pinterest, deviantart
Special thanks for the Artist 


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