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Jan 28, 2016

Hello friends... back from hiatus for 2 months. hohoho

Okay, the first I want to say thank you to all of you who have been willing to join this blog, either by following blog or like on our fb fanpage. Also for all of you who have been following my google+ account, I say thank you very much.

Today, I want to share a new theme from charlotte anime. Why charlotte? Because this is one list that exist in my project. I have an obgligation to get it done however.

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

I'm not going to explaining about this theme so much. Because honestly, when making this theme I really frustrating. It's really hard to find a good picture and suitable to be made on the theme. But I don't want to give up. I keep looking and finally I found what I think is good enough to use.

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット


Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

Despite got trouble on start menu, I'm glad for not getting problem on exploreframe. All goes well fits with the concept I think.

Theme Windows 7 Charlotte シャーロット

Well... anything I made you guys will determine this theme is nice or not. Of course I can only hope you guys will love it.

Theme Description
Name : Theme Windows 7 Charlotte ( シャーロット )
Anime : Charlotte
Product Version : 1.0
Copyright : Copyright 2013-2016 Suck-Style
Exe/rar/zip : 8.16 MB
Password Theme : Suck-Style
Tested on : Windows 7 Home Premium

Please be a good downloader guys 。^‿^。
At least give recommendation this post on google with add 1 to G+1 under the post or leave your comment about the theme. Thank you very much :)
Download Link
Mediafire or Dropbox 
The theme will not be attached perfectly if you have not patch some files needed to run the theme
So if this the first time for you, Please read and follow the tutorial correctly and carefully
Tutorial Patch Windows 7
This theme may contain images of the following site :
e-shuushuu, zerochan, google, pinterest, deviantart
Special thanks for the Artist 


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