[Theme Win 7] Hestia - Danmachi By Bashkara

May 12, 2015

[Theme Win 7] Hestia - Danmachi By Bashkara

Hallo guys, How are you today ? Do you miss me ? hahaha. I'm sorry to just disappeard, I was very busy in the RL(Real World). And as my apology, today I want to share for you guys new windows 7 theme. I don't have much time to make it, so I'm sorry if this theme is very simple. But I choose the good picture to make this, and I rendered it by myself. And the theme that I want to share is Hestia from Danmachi. Just want you to know, I actually do not follow the new anime. :D

Feel free to email or chat to me if you got some problem with my theme or skin.
Email : bashkaraardypratama@gmail.com
Twitter :@bazhkara
ID Line : bazhkara

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