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AIMP3 Skin God Eater 2 [ ゴットイーター2 ]

Big project... actually I just plan to make 2 aimp3 skin. They are Alisa Illinichina Amiella and Lenka Utsugi. But somehow, I suddenly want to make it a lot more. :)

AIMP3 Skin God Eater 2 [ ゴットイーター2 ]

Inspiration design of this skin is from aimp3 skin Nao Charlotte that I've created some time ago [SkinSave]. I used light gray as basic colour of this skin. Actually, I could make it into one skin, but I choose to add characters in the tray control or minimize. So I have to make it one by one.

Skin Feature
Dock - Yes
Dropwheel - Yes
Tray Control / Minimize - Yes
QFI / Quick File Info - Yes
Blinking Eyes - Only Alisa Illinichina Amiella Skin

Above are some of the features found in the skin. What is the blinking eyes? blinking eyes is a feature where the eyes of the characters on the skin could blink. If corious, you can download and use it into your aimp3 player.

AIMP3 Skin God Eater 2 [ ゴットイーター2 ]

List of AIMP3 Skin
AIMP3 Skin Alisa Illinichina Amiella
AIMP3 Skin Lenka Utsugi
AIMP3 Skin Lindow Amamiya
AIMP3 Skin Soma Schicksal
AIMP3 Skin Sakuya Tachibana
AIMP3 Skin Kota Fujiki

I've made folder in solidfiles. So you just need to choose what skin do you want.

Download : Solidfiles
Password Zip : Suck-Style

Please be sure that your aimp3 player has been updated. This skin is only work in aimp3 ver 3.60 and above.

I hope you guys enjoy these skins. Thanks for visiting and please don't hesitate to visit here again.

Best regards.


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