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[Theme Win 7] Strike The Blood By Bashkara

 Good Morning All,, Today I Share New Theme Again
This is Theme Anime Windows 7 from Anime Strike The BloodEnjoy the Theme Guys ^^

Password Theme : Suck-Style

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  1. gan, start buttonnya kok gk berubah kayak di screenshot ?

    1. startorb button gak nyatu sama tema gan, dia pakai aplikasi tambahan,
      kaya windows start button changer..
      lebih jelasnya ada dibeberapa theme trbaru saya, udah saya buat tutorial cara gantinya...
      Theme Strike the blood ini gak ada startbuttonnya,, itu startbutton sao, search aja digoogle.

  2. Faisal UbaidillahMay 13, 2014 at 6:43 AM

    iya start button nya masih seperti biasa

  3. this file couldn't opened.
    what's happen?
    could you fix it?