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[Theme Win 7] Monkey D Luffy New World - One Piece By Bashkara

Hi hi guys, now I make Theme Monkey D Luffy , I Hope you Like. :) 

Password Theme : Suck-Style

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*Note : If Your Windows Change to Clasic After use This Theme, Please Read The Tutorial.


  1. Custom made One Piece Admiral Akainu Sakazuki Cosplay Costume Marine Coat on sale. Akainu Sakazuki usually wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double breasted suit and light colored flower patterned shirt! Tailored One Piece Sengoku Cosplay Costume Marine Admiral Uniform. Sengoku the Buddha cosplay costume includes a full Marine admiral uniform, a seagull on top of his cap and oversized Marine coat wears like a cape!

  2. bro ane pake ini tema, tp kok loginnya windows biasa ya ? gimana tuh ?

    1. Di Click gan Set a LogOn-nya,,
      coba cari di startmenu-allprograms-windows seven theme-monkey d luffy by bazzh - Set A Log On, nah kalo dah muncul nnti click Use This Log On

    2. oke udah, makasih.. kalo gambar di start menu nya gimana ? :D

    3. dipatch dulu gan, ada ditutorialnya

    4. itu kan ada gan Link tutorialnya, atau dimenu diatas juga ada, "Tutorial"

  3. ko kyo kie gan????start menune?

  4. gan ini kok windows biasa jadinya itu di gimanaain lgi gan ?